Training space

Artists looking for a place to train in Antwerp,
are welcome in our training hall in SPRK.
All you have to do is reserve a spot in advance
using the form you can find below.

trainingsruimte ECDF SPRK

When there are no classes or workshops scheduled in our training hall in SPRK, we open our space to artists free of charge. This way we create a powerful cross-pollination between young and established artists.

What can you find in our training hall?

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Reserving a training spot

Would you like to come and train? Welcome! Please give us a heads-up that you are coming. You can do so by filling out the form below,no later than 12:00 on the day before you come to train. Want to come train on weekends or Mondays? Fill out the form no later than noon on Friday.

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When do you want to come and train?