I want to be an assistant trainer.

Is training lions something for you? Pass on your passion for circus
to a new generation of acrobats and become an assitant trainer!

Ell Circo D'ell Fuego, Circusassistenten

You are 16, have been around our circus haven for a while and are ready to pass on the circus bug? Just like your trainers once did with you? You are welcome to join our team as an assistant!

I want to train lions!

How does it work?

On the one hand, you go through a learning process that thoroughly prepares you to work with children in a circus context. On the other hand, you get the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice by participating as an assistant trainer in our circus classes or supervising vacation workshops and circus initiations. As soon as you complete your internship hours, you will also receive compensation for the activities you support.

About the learning program

There are several trainings and courses that can help you get started as an assistant within ECDF. Below you will find a brief overview. We feel it is important that our assistants take at least the circus youth animator course (including internship hours) and den BOEC. The City Coach training may be interesting to neighborhood teenagers.


Den BOEC? That’s short for Basic Training Ell Circo (Basis Opleiding Ell Circo in Dutch). During this crash course, no one less than Ben will immerse you in the wonderful world of ECDF.

You will learn about how we work, our vision on circus pedagogy and our safety policy. In addition, you will discover our materials and equipment and what you can do with them.

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On the program of den BOEC

The circus youth animator course

This Circuscentrum course further prepares you to take your first steps as an assistant. You will train your teaching skills and learn to correctly guide children in circus classes.

The course is an official “animator in youth work” course adapted to supervising activities in a circus studio.

About this course

The course lasts 6 days and always takes place during spring break at Dommelhof in Pelt. After the course you must complete a 50-hour internship to receive a certificate. You can do so at Ell Circo D’ell Fuego! This certificate will allow you to work in various settings as an animator.

What does it cost?

190 euros (accommodation and food included)

How do I sign up?

Starting in November, you can register for the 2024 course.

City Coach training

Every year Sporting A organizes a rookie training course to become a City Coach. There you will learn to supervise various (sports) activities so that you can work as a City Coach. If you want, Sporting A can ask you to volunteer for various activities. You will receive an expense allowance for this.

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About the City Coach training program

If there are enough participants, another training is scheduled in SPRK in the fall of 2023.

What does it cost?

36 euros (basic rate) – 7.20 euros (discount rate)

How do I sign up?

Registration will be done – if there is enough interest – in group. Are you interested? Please let Ben know via ben@ecdf.be.

And after that, it’s up to you!

Have you completed the BOEC and one of the other courses? Then you are ready to start working as an assistant trainer. We will welcome you into our fun training team and you will have the opportunity to immediately apply your newly learned skills during the assignments that come your way.

You will be supported by our pedagogical coordinators (PEDCO). They will give you feedback and support you as needed. Are you taking on a job for Ell Circo D’ell Fuego? Then you will receive compensation for this.

Ell Circo D'ell Fuego, Circusstroom, Jasper Léonard

I want to be a circus assistant

Are you ready to learn how to train lions? Let us know today and sign up for den BOEC.

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