Will you become a volunteer during MAD Convention?

From April 14 to 16, we will host MAD Convention, as part of MAD Festival. A 3-day acrobatics convention with about 50 workshops per day, in and around our training hall in Park Spoor North. And we could still use some help….

MAD Festival is an Antwerp circus platform. It offers residencies and masterclasses and supports emerging circus companies and artists, culminating in an annual 4-day festival linked to an international convention: MAD Convention!

Ell Circo D'ell Fuego, MAD Convention

With MAD Convention, we put the focus on the hard work behind the scenes. Falling and getting up again, trying the same movement a thousand times over, training for hours and days to shine for 15 minutes; that’s what makes circus fascinating! We will let that incredible drive live in and around our training room in Park Spoor Noord from April 14 to 16, 2023. There we bring together Flemish and international artists and young acrobats (from 10 years old) for a wide range of workshops. We roll out our mats and let the sweat talk.

We are still looking for volunteers

MAD Convention is three days of excitement with an extensive program of some 50 workshops per day. MAD Convention is awesome. But MAD Convention is also a lot of work and so we are still looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us organize this great event. Something for you? Please sign up now via our online volunteer form.

What can you expect?

Through the form you can indicate at what times you are available to come and help and what your superpowers are.

We are looking for:

We can give you the following in return:


Can we count on you?

Great! If you haven’t done so already, be sure to fill out all of your information through our online volunteer form. In addition, we look forward to meeting you at our volunteer meetings on Saturday, March 4, 2023 and on Saturday, April 1, 2023, each at 8 p.m. in our training room in SPRK (Park Spoor Noord). Save the date!

Any questions in the meantime?

Ask our volunteer coordinator Lars at lars@ecdf.be.


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