The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

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A performance packed with enthusiasm, partner acrobatics, humor and live music.

Attempt after attempt, from misfire to near success, two performers continue to give their best. They struggle through a forest of entangled limbs. Knotted musical cords, wild acrobatics and distorted guitar riffs.
No matter what, the show must go on!

Performance by: Zinzi & Evertjan

  • Technical sheet
    Playing area

    5 x 4 meters (flat, dry surface)

    Free height

    6 meters

    Electricity requirements

    1 x 16A (220V)

    Lighting requirements

    Daytime performance: none - Evening performance: ambient lighting

    Sound requirements

    To be provided by the organizer: PA system/amplifier, jack plug/mini-jack operable from scene, XLR cable for connection guitar amp artists

    Assembly time

    45 minutes

    Disassembly time

    5 minutes


    2 persons

    Parking Space

    1 car


    Dressing room and catering for 2 people, vegetarian. For safety reasons, flash photography is prohibited during the show.

The Show Must Go On
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The Show Must Go On

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