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A wacky family show about what happens when technology takes over our lives.

We live in a time in which we are we connected all of the time. But we are also becoming increasingly dependent on all kinds of devices. The world seems to be moving faster and faster. How can we find a way to cope with that?

Vilja Productions and Kris Doms playfully portray this interesting question. They do so with a mix of originally composed and live performed music, aerial acrobatics, dance and visual humor.

  • Technical sheet
    Playing area

    10 x 8 meters

    Free height

    6.5 meters

    Electricity requirements

    1x 16A (220V)

    Lighting requirements

    Vilja Productions will provide the necessary lighting

    Sound requirements

    Vilja Productions will provide a sound system

    Assembly time

    2 hours

    Disassembly time

    1 hour


    Playing area accessible by car.


    3 persons

    Parking Space

    2 cars


    Vilja Productions provides own porch, no anchoring required

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