Coming soon: trial lesson week

You would like to enroll for the 2024-2025 circus year, but are not quite sure if our circus classes are for you? Why not come try during our trial lesson week at the end of March.

Ell Circo D'ell Fuego, Foto: Ysabel Jongeneelen


Our registrations for the 2024-2025 circus year will start soon! Acrobats already taking classes can reserve their spot starting April 22. New members can register starting May 13. Around the registration period we regularly get questions about trial lessons. These usually involve popular classes where no more spots are available, so that a trial lesson is unfortunately not possible. For this we now have a solution.


Sign up for our trial lesson week


From March 25 through March 30, 2024, we are hosting a trial lesson week. During that week, you can try out a circus class of your choice. Please note! We limit the number of trial spots per class to a maximum of 5. We do this mainly to ensure that everyone has a good time. Would you like to follow a trial lesson? Then you must sign up in advance. You can do so until Thursday, March 21.

How do I sign up for a trial lesson?


STEP 1 Check our complete list of classes and to find out which class you would like to join
STEP 2 Send an email to and include the following:

STEP 3 If there are still trial lesson spots available in your class of choice, you will receive a confirmation email allowing you to attend the trial lesson.

Please note!


A spot during trial lesson week does not guarantee a spot in the circus class. You still need to register on time. You can do that starting April 22 for current members and May 13 for new members.


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