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Trampowall workshop series with Sébastien Van de Walle

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About our workshop series Trampowall with Sébastien de Van Walle

In February we will be jumping! Horizontally, vertically, diagonally. In every way that is physically possible We are hosting a series of three trampowall workshops with Sébastien Van de Walle. You can choose to register for 1, 2 or all workshops. Even if you missed the first one, you can join the second one without any problem.

Just make sure you register as soon as possible as there are only 10 available places!

What can you expect?

During this workshop series you will discover with Sébastien how to apply the trampoline skills you have already developed to the trampowall. In addition, you will have ample opportunity to deepen your trampowall techniques. Sébastien provides plenty of room for one-on-one guidance.

Who is Sébastien Van de Walle?

At 15, Sébastien discovers circus. He falls in love with acrobatics in general, and flying trapeze in particular. For four years, he trains intensively at the Atelier du Trapeze in Brussels. He is also fascinated by tumbling and springboarding. In 2018, he jumped right up his first trampowall at Aloft Circus Arts in Chicago. It was love at first sight! He performed in Belgium and Germany with TNT crew for a while. Not much later, he applied to Quebec’s School of Circus Arts. There he graduated in June 2022. Since then, he has performed mainly with Les Productions Haut-Vol, Cirque Kikasse and Flip Fabrique.

What do I bring with me to class?

Loose, athletic clothing and a drink can with plenty of water for in between runs. Be sure to have appropriate shoes (wrestling, boxing or Kung Fu shoes or other sneakers with a sole that is sufficiently flexible).

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This series consists of 3 workshops. You can choose to register for 1 workshop or for the entire series. Below is a list of all workshop dates.

Sunday 05/02/2023
10:30 - 13:30
SPRK Antwerpen
Sunday 12/02/2023
10:30 - 13:30
SPRK Antwerpen
Sunday 19/02/2023
10:30 - 13:30
SPRK Antwerpen
€ 25 Per workshop

Basic rate (if you are not a member of ECDF yet, a 30 euro membership fee will be added)

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